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Saving Seniors from Euthanasia

Many of the animals that come to Famous Fido Rescue come from the shelter; most are slated for euthanasia. Many are given up because someone has passed away or because they have medical issues. Our experiences with these animals have been very positive. They still have much love to give and are dedicated companion animals.

Take the story of Murphy, the 14 year old Cairn terrier who was abandoned by his family. The owners gave him a bath at home and then called the shelter to pick him up to be euthanized because he was 14 years old. Famous Fido saw Murphy on the shelter’s website; his case was urgent as he was about to be put down. We put a hold on him to prevent this, and we picked him up. All that seemed to be wrong with him was that he has an infected eye and a bit of arthritis. We took him to the vet right away. He immediately came out of his depression and turned out to be quite a character with an unbelievable personality. He was always well behaved and wanted to be around people. He loved attention and couldn’t get enough affection.

It is not easy to find a good home for a fourteen-year-old dog. A miracle happened, and Jayme and Josh called to foster Murphy until he could find a home. They took such good care of Murphy. They helped with all of his medical care and took care of his eye every day. They also took him to specialists for his eye and his arthritis to make sure he was all right. They took him to treadmill therapy, took him for long walks, gave him constant attention, and did whatever it took to see Murphy through to his final home. They did this because they knew what a great dog Murphy is, and how much he has to give. They understood that every dog is special and has a unique personality and a right to live. They wanted to make sure Murphy has the right to live out his life, be free of abuse, and be cared for properly.

There are so many stories like Murphy’s. Most of the seniors don’t make it out of the shelter once they are left there. We at Famous Fido Rescue will continue to help to rescue and care for these seniors so they can live the rest of their lives in peace and be the companions they were meant to be.

Please help – donate so these special senior dogs and cats can get the medical treatment they need. Many of these animals have serious medical issues. Almost all of our senior rescues need major dental work. Some of our rescues have heart murmurs, diabetes, or Cushing’s disease. Your support helps these animals. Without it we could not help them.

Lola is a 12 year old senior Chihuahua. She has her senior moments and is currently in a foster home.

Barney, one of our special seniors was a big shaggy terrier mix that came to the rescue with lung damage from living in a home with a lot of smokers.

Sammy a 13 year old boarder terrier was brought to Famous Fido Rescue when the person who had him for 12 years could no longer take care of him anymore do to health issues. Sammy was in good shape but need major dental work. After Sammy's dental surgery he like a new dog. This February Sammy turned 13 years old and was adopted by a loving family has a beautiful sister boarder terrier and is living a happy life.

Eldridge was saved from euthanaisa and is currently being treated for cussings disease and being caired for at is foster home.

Murphy is a 14 year old cairn terrier who was given to the shelter to be euthanized. He had a bad eye infection that needed to be treated daily, mild arthritis and goes to water therapy and works with a personal trainer. This wonderful senior is living life to the fullest with his foster parents.

Smokey is a 11 year old male silver poodle. He likes people and other dogs .He is blind in one eye but that doesn’t hold him back he is full of energy and is wondering what happened to his home. Smokey's guardian passed away and the grand daughter brought him to the shelter, where he would have been euthanized. He is neutered and has all his shots. He wants a good home to live out his days.

Each one of these animals are worth saving and should be able to live out their lives in peace with caring people.

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Advocate for a Famous Fido Rescue dog.
Each dog needs a daily plan for their well being.
If you see a special dog and feel you want to do that little extra to help that special one find a new home.
You can advocate for them by telling friends, family, posting image and stories on your face book and spread the word.

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