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Every day, all around us there are animals in need. Their lives are filled with abuse and neglect at the hand of those whom they have trusted most. The saddest moment is when you see the animal, and even if they are saved from the situation, the fact they will be put into an open door shelter system risks their lives again. Though their physical pain has subsided, their psychological and emotional pain has only become worse.

For rescue groups this is our life. We see their faces and feel their pain and work to save their lives by any means necessary.

- Gloria Lissner, Director, Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance

What happens when you leave your pet at a shelter?

Your pet will experience anxiety, fear, and depression. They will be sad, confused and wonder when their guardian is coming back. Open-admission shelters euthanize animals when their cages are full. Nationwide, 50% of animals that enter shelters never make it out alive. That is 3-4 million animals every year!

Reasons pet guardians give up their pets:

What is re-homing?

Re-homing is finding another homer for your pet, while they are still in your care or in the care of a foster parent, instead of placing your pet in a shelter and becoming a statistic. As a pet guardian you took on the responsibility of your pet when you adopted/purchased them. You owe it to your pet to find it another responsible loving home when you no longer can care for them.

Why is rehoming better for your pet?

With re-homing, your pet will experience less anxiety. As mentioned above, if left at a shelter not only will they feel anxious and confused; they will be in a cage the majority of the time. Re-homing transitions your pet from one home to another with minimal stress. Your pet will never have to experience abandonment nor fear.

How can Famous Fido help you rehome your pet?

Famous Fido's Re-homing counselors will help by identifying and addressing all the reasons why you have to give up your pet. From training to improve behavior to helping you search for a new place where pets are allowed. If issues cannot be addressed, we will help you search for another home for your pet.

Re-homing counselors will post your pet on FamousFidoRescue.org, Facebook and other media outlets. Counselors will also review application, preform home checks and background checks, to make sure your pet's next home is their forever home.

Why in re-homing with Famous Fido is better then placing your pet on Craigslist?

There are many responsible pet owners searching for a pet on Craigslist but there are also people not interested in your pets well being. Breeders and dog fighters are always on the lookout for their next breeding dog, attack dog or bait dog.

As much as we want to find the right home for our pet, we do not always have the time and resources to screen potential adopters. When re-homing with Famous Fido Rescue, we take care of that process. We have placed hundreds of animals into loving homes just in the past two years. Let us assist you with finding a responsible pet guardian.

Rehoming is the best and only answer for an unwanted animal. The trauma caused by abandonment is greatly reduced if the animal can go from one home straight into another. A period of adjustment is still necessary but avoiding the shelter system is very much in the animal’s best interest.

The process of rehoming starts with drawing up a list of the animal’s needs. Do they require a childfree home, a guardian who will not be away for long periods of time, an experienced guardian or simply a caring individual, happy to provide a loving home? Consider the animal’s good qualities. Are they affectionate, independent, house-trained or playful?

Do you know anyone that could meet the animal’s needs and would be willing to take them on? If not, we need to search a little wider. Involve friends and family in the search. It’s remarkable how quickly a network grows when people make an effort to ask around.

If the person giving up their animal can’t find anyone known personally to them or anyone they know, they will need to create an ad highlighting the animal’s requirements and qualities. This ad can be posted at their vets, the local rescue, their groomers, pet stores, local stores and businesses. It can be posted in hard copy or online. The ad should include a photo of the animal. Post the pet’s details to http://www.petfinder.com There are so many options available before leaving the animal at a shelter, where it has a high chance of being euthanized.

Once a suitable adopter has been found, they should be given a telephone interview. We can help with the type of questions that should be asked. If the animal is a dog, we recommend that a meeting take place in a public place, such as a park. If the animal being rehomed is a cat, a meeting could take place in either home but it is recommended that a friend be brought along. It’s important to stay safe during this process. Rehoming should not be rushed. It’s important for everyone involved that the animal’s next home will be their forever home.

After a suitable new home has been selected, remember that the process doesn’t end there. The new adopter should be encouraged to contact the previous guardian with any questions or issues they might have. The animal will need time to get used to their new home, but know this effort improves, and often saves, lives.


We think it’s vital to change the way people think about their animals. We need to stop animals being viewed as property, as something that is owned, and encourage people to think of themselves as a ‘guardian’. A guardian protects their animal. A guardian does not buy an animal on a whim, to discard it when it is no longer convenient or fashionable. Using this term instead of ‘owner,’ will encourage people to stop people viewing and treating their animals as dispensable property.