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The shelter environment is very stressful for an animal. They are often assessed at a time when they are most frightened and therefore end up labeled ‘aggressive’ or ‘hyperactive.’ Famous Fido takes on as many of these animals as our resources allow, as we believe this is not a true reflection of the dog’s nature.

Dogs can become ‘cage shy’ in shelters; this is when a dog becomes protective of their cage and will bite if someone attempts to remove them from it. However, this behavior will often disappear once they are out of the cage. They may begin to ‘resource guard’ where they become protective over their food, toys or the lap that they are sitting in, where they may growl or bite another dog or a person. All these behaviors can be managed or trained out of the dog. However, for a shelter dog it’s already too late. They are labeled dangerous and destroyed.

At Famous Fido, we begin to rehabilitate the animal. Reasons animals are often euthanized at other shelters include manageable medical problems such as cataracts, diabetes or heart murmurs; the results of accidents or abuse such as broken backs or crushed pelvises; and aggressive behavior that has developed from isolation, torture or involvement in dog fighting. These animals are no longer considered of value and killed.

Animals that arrive at Famous Fido get a second chance. Our animals receive proper veterinary care for any treatable conditions. They are treated gently and allowed time to mend. Our dogs attend a basic manners class. Large dogs go to the Found Training Center for socialization. They have their own beds with regularly laundered bedding. They are given their own toys and high value treats. Slowly our dogs begin to trust people again and their behavior changes. Cats are not held on-site and are immediately admitted into foster homes to prevent issues developing from lack of socialization.

The majority of the behavioral issues that these animals suffer from were caused by mistreatment. People caused the problem. People have a responsibility to fix it.

Main Head Quarters

  • Famous Fido Rescue
        5430 N. Clark Street
        Chicago, IL. 60640
  • Hours: 9am - 6pm Mon - Sat
  • Phone: 773-907-0305
  • Fax: 773-944-0063
  • Email: fido@famousfidorescue.com
  • Website: famousfidorescue.org

Adoption Hours

Adoptions are by appointment
Monday - Saturday 12pm to 6pm.
Then call us about the dog or cat
you are interested in and we will make
an appointment for a meet and greet
at a time that is convenient for you.


  • Hours:10am - 6pm Mon - Fri
  • Walking Dogs
  • Cleaning Cages
  • Nuturing Animals
  • Transporters


Advocate for a Famous Fido Rescue dog.
Each dog needs a daily plan for their well being.
If you see a special dog and feel you want to do that little extra to help that special one find a new home.
You can advocate for them by telling friends, family, posting image and stories on your face book and spread the word.

In Kind Donations For Animal Welfare
Little Treasure Auction Accepted

Items can be droped off 10am - 7pm Mon - Sat. Parking in rear of building. Go through the alley in the middle of the Walgreens parking lot. Our parking lot is the first one on your left.
Come through back door.

Join the Re-Homing Network

You can really make a diffrence in a
dog or cats life. Lets work together so
no dog or cat ever sees a shelter.

Individual Contacts

Executive Director and Founder
Gloria P. Lissner

Adoption - Development Director
Martha J. Hack