Famous Fido Rescue



Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience for an animal lover. It makes for a smoother transition between homes, often avoiding problem behaviors before they develop. Fostering is also a great option for those unable to commit to a permanent adoption. It allows one home to benefit many animals.

Some animals find life in a shelter, or even a rescue environment, too stressful. Some simply won’t survive, such as seniors or those with medical conditions. Puppies and kittens should ideally go into foster homes immediately to avoid them developing behavioral problems early on. The longer an animal is at the shelter, the more difficult it becomes to rehome. Some animals become aggressively competitive for attention, unused to handling or ‘cage shy’ (this is when the animal feels safe in its cage and will bite when removal is attempted).

We will provide you with as much information on the animal as we have, such as background information on why the animal was given up or where it came from, medical information and if we require you to keep it separate to your own pets for a period of time. We will be here throughout the duration of the foster to support you, answer questions and offer advice.

It can be difficult to pass on an animal that you have developed a bond with, but knowing that you made a huge difference to its life should go toward softening the blow.

Potential foster guardians will need to fill out an application and provide photographs of where the animal will be living, similar to the adoption process. [Link to foster application form.]


We think it’s vital to change the way people think about their animals. We need to stop animals being viewed as property, as something that is owned, and encourage people to think of themselves as a ‘guardian’. A guardian protects their animal. A guardian does not buy an animal on a whim, to discard it when it is no longer convenient or fashionable. Using this term instead of ‘owner,’ will encourage people to stop people viewing and treating their animals as dispensable property.