Famous Fido Rescue


Name: Isis

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Canine Personality: Devoted, loving, affectionate.

I'm special: I need an experienced adopter. I'm currently going to training an socialization classes.

I love: to cuddle on the couch with my human, my toys, to go for walks and or runs, and I prefer large dogs as my friends.

My dislikes are: I really don't care for small dogs or other animals. I have a high prey drive.

I'm a beautiful girl who really loves people. I have been at the rescue for oever a year. It's about time I found my forever home and I'm hoping to meet someone who will keep me safe.

Isis is a very beautiful, energetic, playful, lovable and snugly, three-year-old, 55-pound, female brindle pit bull terrier looking for a loving guardian. Isis landed at Chicago Animal Care and Control when her family could no longer care for her. She knows the command sit and takes treats nicely from your fingers. She loves car rides and she especially enjoyed the one that drove her from the shelter to live in a loving foster home. She loves people of all ages including kids and either shares her foster mom’s bed, or sleeps on a blanket at the foot of her bed. Isis leans into you in a sweet and loving manner. She loves to go for runs with her foster mom, play ball, and enjoys the company of male dogs her size or bigger than herself. She loves walks but can sometimes bark at other dogs while on leash.

I came from a kill shelter and then went to Famous Fido Rescue, they’re great but I want the life I deserve and I know my wait will be worth it.

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