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Cultural Fido

We at Famous Fido Rescue believe in a new way of thinking when it comes to animal advocacy. We do not consider animals property. We feel that we should act as guardians when we bring a dog or cat into our life. We want society to act with compassion and stop breeding, abandoning and killing animals.

We at Famous Fido Rescue practice this philosophy everyday when we rescue animals, and we work towards bringing the no kill movement to Chicago.

We are looking for creative, compassionate people who feel the same way. We want to bring forth this message through your talent. We need artists, writers, photographers, actors and musicians to work with Famous Fido Rescue to get this message out. Through fund raisers and events we can get this message out to the public. Please help us be a voice for the voiceless. The animals need your help.

For more info call Gloria Lissner at 773-907-0905.

Main Head Quarters

Adoption Hours

Adoptions are by appointment
Monday - Saturday 12pm to 6pm.
Then call us about the dog or cat
you are interested in and we will make
an appointment for a meet and greet
at a time that is convenient for you.



Advocate for a Famous Fido Rescue dog.
Each dog needs a daily plan for their well being.
If you see a special dog and feel you want to do that little extra to help that special one find a new home.
You can advocate for them by telling friends, family, posting image and stories on your face book and spread the word.

In Kind Donations For Animal Welfare Little Treasure Auction Accepted

Items can be droped off 10am - 7pm Mon - Sat.

Join the Re-Homing Network

You can really make a diffrence in a
dog or cats life. Lets work together so
no dog or cat ever sees a shelter.

Individual Contacts

Executive Director and Founder
Gloria P. Lissner

Adoption - Development Director
Martha J. Hack